Немецкий шпиц миниатюрный. Сантерра Свит Дрим. Побочина А.А. Побочина В.А. Sunterra Sweet Dream, JAN-SHARS GLADIATOR.


Тел.: +7 (495) 577 16 69 
Моб.: 8 916 706 31 96 - Анна 
8 916 706 31 95 - Виталия

On the GROOMING page You can see my works: haircuts and photos
I am a professional groomer, successfully practicing SHOW training Spitz more than 12 years
I also conduct Master classes on breed grooming and preparation for the show not only in Russia but also abroad!
You can enroll me on grooming, photo, personal training or find out about upcoming seminars, call me by phone +79167063196 or by e-mail pomstyle@mail.ru