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1Pomstyle Need for Victory 1

отец: Jun BISS/BIS CH. CR Dream A Little Dream
        мать: Jun.Ch/Ch. Starlights Step To Next Dream 
дата рождения: 18.03.2011 
Питомник "Pomstyle"

на фото 12 месяцев

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Multy JBISS/Multy BIG ЮЧР/ЮЧНКП CR Dream A Little Dream

BISS Can/Am Ch. Island's Hanging With The Band

Can/Am Ch. CR Classic Act

CH. CR Dream Mercedes

Pominique Flecks of Gold

BISS Am.Ch. Finch's See Me Comin

Am. Ch. Bachman's My Dream Porche

Jun.Ch/Ch. Starlights Step To Next Dream

Am.CAN.BIS TH. CH Starlight's Dream Come True

BISSA, BISS, Am.Thai Ch. Pufpride Sweet Dreams

Starlight's Step Forward

Am.Can Ch. Sunterra Supermodel

Am.Can Ch. Sunterra Steal The Show

Starlight's Funny Time