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Pomstyle Ambition Image Of The Best

Титулы: Юный Чемпион Узбекистана

отец: Jun BISS/BIS CH. CR Dream A Little Dream
       мать: BISS/BIS CH. Pomstyle Dior Fashion Show
дата рождения: 13.01.2013
Питомник "Pomstyle"

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Multy JBISS/Multy BIG

CR Dream A Little Dream

BISS Can/Am Ch. Island's Hanging With The Band

Can/Am Ch. CR Classic Act
Pominique Flecks of Gold
CH. CR Dream Mercedes

BISS Am.Ch. Finch's See Me Comin
Am. Ch. Bachman's My Dream Porche
BISS/BIS Ch. Pomstyle Dior Fashion Show

BISS/BIS CH. Sunterra Sweet Dream

Am/Can/Thai/BIS Ch.
Starlight's Fun Times
Sunterra Sweet Surrender

Jun.Ch/Rus Ch. Jan-Shars Fortune Teller

CH Jan-Shars Fresh Off The Farm
Jan-Shars Jumpin Johosaphat